Personal & Family Coaching

No matter where you are on the diet and lifestyle spectrum, I have been there myself. I love to give advice and support to individuals and families transitioning to, or already enjoying, a vegan lifestyle, whether for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. Via phone, video, or in-person, I can help you...

  • Find proven new recipes your whole family will love based on your food preferences and cooking experience

  • Convert your favorite recipes using various meat, dairy, and egg substitutes

  • Generate shopping lists and meal planning for all budgets

  • Navigate social events and restaurants, including how to get tasty made-to-order vegan dishes at a catered event

  • Prepare vegan platters that omnivores will love at your dinner parties

  • Reboot an existing vegan diet to incorporate more whole foods, more protein, lower calorie density, or other goals you may have

  • Persuade your family members to try vegan alternatives

Kitchen Makeover

Planning ahead for the appropriate kitchen setup helps to ensure your success as a vegan cook and minimizes the reasons that can otherwise lead to time consuming frustrations. Right in your own kitchen, or remotely via video, I can help you...

  • Take inventory of what you already have that is useful in vegan dishes

  • Learn what new ingredients to keep on hand for popular vegan recipes

  • Find and display healthful plant-based snacks and foods your family will love, (including kid-friendly tasty and familiar vegan items that are not necessarily healthful!😁)

  • Get set up and familiar with useful kitchen appliances for the type of vegan dishes you look

  • Plan for the right storage containers to make the best use of your efforts

Shopping Guidance

Vegan products available at grocers and online are constantly changing, and for the better! I love to stay on top of the latest products as well as seasonal produce that can be incorporated into wholesome meals. I can meet you at your local market and/or visit online merchants to help you...

  • Navigate the world of vegan proteins, including both whole plants as well as meat replacement products

  • Explore various egg and dairy replacement products for baking, snacking, and desserts, including my personal favorites: chocolates and cheeses!

  • Expand your "plantscape" to incorporate new whole food tastes and textures into your cooking

  • Decode ingredients to determine what is vegan, accidentally vegan, or not actually vegan.

  • Learn how and where to find cruelty-free beauty, cleaning, and fashion products.

Vegan 101 Starter Package

This consultation package is a great way to get started enjoying the benefits of vegan eating, skipping the frustrations often encountered. This four hour $225 package includes:

  • 30 minute video consult to discuss where you are, your goals, and what things you enjoy

  • 1 hour in-home consultation to assess your current kitchen and pantry and plan what to acquire

  • 1 hour shopping trip with you to your local market to discover new ingredients

  • 1 hour cooking session to work with you to make two or three dishes you and/or your family will love. If you don't already have certain appliances needed, I can bring mine!

  • 30 minute follow-up video consult to discuss your experiences, questions, and next steps

Contact me to discuss your questions and ideas. I am excited to help you!